Disco Elysium Heads To PS4 And Xbox One In 2020

ZA/UM have verified open world RPG Disco Elysium is becoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

Speaking to The Escapist, ZA/UM lead designer Robert Kurvitz revealed that they were also working to port Xbox One themselves and the game to PlayStation 4, rather than hire a different company.


“The immediate strategy, and this is why I won’t go on a holiday anytime soon, is to get Disco Elysium To as many people as possible. We’re going to port it next year to Xbox and PlayStation. We need to be somewhat hands-on with that’s plan. We do not wish to employ a company that is porting. We believe it really is going to lend itself very well to console play because you don’t have to go over minute tactics and use a mouse because it’s very narrative in its nature.”

Kurvitz also disclosed that he is currently translating The game into Chinese and several European languages. The origin of the game Material, Kurvitz’ novel Sacred and Inferior Air, is also being translated into English.

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